An unsolved murder.

A long-vanished suspect.

A city in the grip of a brutal serial killer.

Homicide detective Quetzel Cazares is called out to investigate skeletal remains found in the roots of a lightning-blasted tree at the moldering Houston Astrodome. Could this be the key to solving the infamous Icebox Murders from 1965? Her notorious cold case gets pushed to the back burner when a particularly depraved killer starts leaving dismembered bodies scattered around Southeast Houston.

Charles Rogers was a bright kid from a hardscrabble background. As a young Navy pilot in World War II, his small act of courage is rewarded by an extraordinary gift. But the gift curdles into a curse. Desperate to find a cure, he stumbles onto the trail of a sinister criminal ringleader whose penchant for monstrous violence haunts Charles’ darkest nightmares.

Two killers, separated by decades, connected by evil.

One determined detective.

Someone’s got to lose.

P.S. Don’t forget to feed the cat.