Manor of Death Large Print Edition

Coming home is murder.

After twenty-five years in Homicide, freshly retired Detective Sergeant PC Donovan returns to her small hometown of Possumwood, Texas, when her aging mother breaks a hip. Somebody’s got to take care of Mama’s collection of rescue critters – a sassy donkey named Guinevere, with a hankerin’ for the neighbor’s prize-winning roses; Gwen’s best bud, a handsome one-eyed jack called Arthur; and Hazel, the cantankerous three-legged goat. Taking a break from the 24/7 action of the big city, PC is ready to relax and paint landscapes.

But while she may have quit murder, murder hasn’t quit her.

One of PC’s former high school classmates, who became an almost-Hollywood celebrity, breezes back into town and turns up dead at the Azalea Manor Nursing Home during a Thursday night church service. Can PC figure out who the real killer is before the crime gets pinned on her down-and-out brother?